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Welcome to Nelson Paragliding

Tandem paragliding flights in Nelson

At Nelson Paragliding we offer a first class tandem paragliding experience. You will fly with Stew Karstens – NZ tandem distance record holder 79km.
Nelson consistently enjoys the best flying conditions in the country and we are able to offer you a more personal experience with longer flights than other more crowded sites in NZ. Sit back in arm chair comfort and enjoy views over Nelson’s national parks including the Abel Tasman while our New Zealand qualified tandem pilot takes you on an unforgettable paragliding tandem flight.
As the orginal tandem paraglider operator in Nelson we have years of experience culminating to offer you what we’re sure will be one of the highlights of your time in New Zealand. Book your tandem paragliding flight today….

Learn to fly paragliders in Nelson

There simply is nowhere better in NZ to learn to fly. Nelson Paragliding is the original paragliding school in Nelson, operating since 1993 from Barnicoat Hill in Richmond and our nearby training area in Heslington. We offer Introduction to paragliding courses to give you a taste of what it’s all about as well as full pilot rating courses to obtain your NZ PG2 licence and equivalent IPPI rating. With this you can fly solo in NZ and transfer it back to your own country when you return as well as flying in other countires. Our fully qualified instructors are waiting to give you all the encouragement and time that you need. Why not leave New Zealand with more than just memories….

Pilots visiting Nelson

Nelson is one of the best paragliding regions in New Zealand, having five cross-country flying sites, excellent training hills and ideal flying conditions. Students can experience both ridge soaring and thermal flying whilst training. The daily afternoon sea breeze creates a reliable training environment and optimises the airtime available to students and recreational pilots. Feel free to contact us for additional information or come and join the school….

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